Fuzzy's Genealogy

  1. John Mauldin was born c. 1745, Married to Sarah Blake born c. 1747. Many sources list Henry Laban Mauldin as the father of James Mauldin, but this has supposedly been shown to be a fabrication to permit someone to join the Daughters of the American Republic, and is no longer considerd accurate. The connection to James w/ Sarah is supported by DNA testing and analysis of records by Ron Mauldin.

  2. James Mauldin was born about 1774 in Granville Co., NC. He died 25 Apr 1851 in Shelby Co., TX and was buried in Shelby Co., TX.

  3. Elihu C. Mauldin was born 9 May 1809 in Edgefield Co., SC. He died 22 Oct 1893 in Center Point, Kerr Co., TX and was buried in Kerr Co., TX.

  4. William Berry Mauldin was born 13 Jun 1830 in Haywood Co., TN. He died 5 Oct 1927 in Blanket, Brown Co., TX and was buried in Brown Co., TX.

  5. Joseph Berry Mauldin was born 1 Nov 1863 in Berries Creek, Williamson Co., TX. He died 7 Sep 1939 in Callahan Co., TX.

  6. Leonard Theodore Mauldin was born 26 Oct 1890 in Williamson Co., TX. He died 3 Apr 1977 in Callahan Co., TX and was buried in Callahan Co., TX.

  7. Nolan J. Mauldin was born January 21, 1915 in Callahan, TX, and died July 12, 2001 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX. He married Cora Vidie Mae Lancaster, daughter of Charles Lancaster and Jessie Watson. She died January 31, 2003 in Sarasota, FL.

  8. Jimmie Alton Mauldin, born October 19, 1934 in Goodland, Bailey, TX.

  9. Michael Loren Mauldin AKA "Fuzzy", born 23 Mar 1959 in Dallas, TX.
    1. Gregory Bernard Mauldin, born 1 Jan 1988, Pittsburgh, PA.
    2. Daniel Baird Mauldin, born 5 Jul 1992, Pittsburgh, PA.

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