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Posted to on Sept. 2, 1994

Sender: owner-lycos-users@garnet.msen.COM
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 94 18:22:50 EDT
From: mlm@FUZINE.MT.CS.CMU.EDU (Michael Mauldin)
To: lycos-users@garnet.msen.COM
Subject: Lycos 0.9 now available for beta test
Cc: fuzzy@CMU.EDU
Sender: owner-lycos-users@garnet.msen.COM
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Okay, for the industrious out there...Lycos is now available for beta test. I knocked the worst of the sharp edges off, wrote minimal documentation, and put the whole thing up as a compressed tar file off of code

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--Dr. Michael L. Mauldin
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