Lazy Toad Ranch Album

Moving South, 2008

The Lazy Toad Ranch has relocated to Liberty Hill, Texas.

Christmas, 2004

Well, we've put the robots in storage and so we haven't had much to write about aside form vacation travel, but Debbie surprised Fuzzy with a great Christmas gift this season.

Fuzzy's gift came in a tiny gift bag. When he opened it, it had a few strange looking pieces of plastic. Then Jacey wheeled a brand new Segway I series from the hall closet and Debbie surprised him with it. Everybody had a turn on it.

From 1999 to 2008 the Lazy Toad Ranch was in Pennsylvania

At the old Lazy Toad Ranch we had fives horses: Gizmo

Alamo Patch Bobbie Epona

We also had lots of wild animals, including

toads, turkeys, and kids

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